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03 June 2013 @ 10:03 pm
HP fandom friends  

I've spent more time running around LJ in the past few months than I have in the past 3 years. lol  Ever since going back and re-reading the shoebox_project at the beginning of February, I have been reading MWPP fanfic just about nonstop.  I adore, adore, ADORE Remus and Sirius and James and yes, even Peter as a marauder.  But mostly I adore Remus and Sirius as much as ever.  Seems like my love for HP won't go away.  I used to read tons of fanfic back when I was in college...tried writing some myself as well.  But I've always enjoyed reading it more than any joy I got out of writing and people reviewing mine.  I had forgotten how many amazing writers are out there.  Some of the fanfics I read are by far more moving than published works I've read.  So much talent.  It's mind-boggling.  Sometimes I even catch myself reading pairings I would NEVER read just simply based on how fabulous the writing is.

Anyway, my point is, I really miss the HP fandom.  For the most part, it was good to me.  I miss the fun times I had making so many friends from all over the world who all adored HP as much as I did.  None of the other fandoms I've been in ever came close to it.  I really miss Rox a lot.  She was so very special to me and always cared no matter how much my love of R/S drove her insane. lol

I just want to say, if anyone is even reading my LJ anymore (and I wouldn't blame you if you aren't, since I seriously NEVER update this thing) that I do miss you guys and I really do think back very fondly of it all.  I made a lot of great friends and it occurred to me lately that I sort of just walked away from everything without even thinking it through.  I mean it's obvious as it RECENTLY occurred to me that I sort of threw it away.  I guess it started once I moved to Japan...but perhaps even before then. Japan was like a clean break from the past me and somehow the HP fandom got lost when I found the new me....

I love you guys.  You know who you are.  And even if no one responds, I hope you at least read this and can understand my feelings, even if it's a smidgen.

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The Artist Formerly Known as Portkey: G_Ruki_RedHatmoonlitwoods on June 3rd, 2013 06:49 pm (UTC)
I really miss Rox a lot. She was so very special to me and always cared no matter how much my love of R/S drove her insane. lol

I'm still here! It's weird. I hardly ever post anymore either, but I logged in today (because it's my day off) and I saw your post. I actually clapped with glee because I hadn't seen anything from you in ages!

I miss you too. And I still miss the HP fandom. It was definitely a unique experience. ♥

You did sort of disappear, it's true. T_T And it was kind of insult to injury because you had just got me hooked on GazettE and then were never around to talk about them. x__X I've had to soldier on by myself. And I've had a lot of Japan-related stuff to talk to you about too, but, yeah, you're just too cool for us anymore.... ;)

P.S. My opinion on R/S has not changed, lol.
れい~れい: 「ガゼット」 ↔ ルキ RCE thinkreila on June 5th, 2013 09:42 am (UTC)
*HUGSSSSSSSSS*!!!! I do miss you!! Miss, miss, miss you.

I'm sorry I did disappear, right? I don't even know how it happened... It just honestly never occurred to me until well... when I wrote this post. lol I do feel bad about it. Do you still like Gazette...bet you do as I see your amazingly awesome Cockroach!Ruki icon. :) I can't tell you how many concerts I've been to. You know...if you have watched the last few finals, you'd have seen my on the DVDs. lol There's one my sister's face is on the screen for a couple of seconds zoomed in. :p But yes. I hope they play in America so you could have the opportunity to see them. OR COME TO JAPAN! *WINK* XD You should come!! You should come!!

P.S. My opinion on R/S has not changed, lol.

That's my Rox!!! :D I wouldn't believe you if you said otherwise!!!!